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Thermochromic ink technology changes can colour

Thermochromic ink technology changes can colour

GH Printing applied its thermochromic ink technology to packing for other beverage products in China.

Thermochromic inks are spot-applied to packaging graphics,helping specific design elements emerge as the temperature of the can decreases. At room temperature, the ink is colorless,but when chilled,can appear as several different colors,including blue,green,red and black. 

The inks can be customised to the temperature requirements of individual beverages,ranging between 43-46 degress Fahrenheit or six and eight degrees Celsius.

Our GH Graphic Centers utilise a state-of-the-art-digital process and employ unique proprietary separation and print methods that maximise turnaround to maket and competitive color and print quality to our valued customers.

We work continuously to adapt new ink technologies to metal substrates,allowing us to offer brand owners new ways to diffenrentiate their products.

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