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World's advanced print technologies

GH printing is never stop in pursuiting world's most innovated print technologies for all the 30 years. We're now the leading print company in China. Here you have one-stop shop for all your label print needs. 


Professional Pre-press

GH printing has a professional team. In the prepress phase, an expert technician will review your file, manually and through prefight software, for any sign of a problem that may cause production errors. An electronic proof is issued once your PDF files pass the preflight inspection. If requested, hard copy proofs may also be created and sent to you for approval. 

Once you have approved your proof and sent your files to press, your files are output through a process called the RIP (raster image processing). During this process, your images are separated into 4-8 colors, and output on the metal printing plates. 


VSOP Web Offset

GH printing is proud to have the 2 of world's advanced VSOP Offset Technology for label printing. We integrate it with flexo, screen and gravure units, as well as foil stamping, punching and sheeting. With our VSOP technology, we print high quality in-mold labels, shrink sleeve labels and Foam labels.

GH printing has the advantages in VSOP Offset Printing:

--  Ideal solution for a whole range of applications such as:

  •  Label Printing: wrap-around labels made of paper or film, in-mould labels, shrink sleeves, wet-glue labels, self-adhesive labels etc.

  • Flexible package Printing: films, laminates, food packaging;

  • Cardboard Box Printing: folding boxes, liquid packaging, liner for corrugated board.

--  Print size can be changed quickly;

--  Low cost for printing plates;

--  Range of substrates - from paper to films, clear to metallized;

--  Roll-to-sheet capabilities for maximum efficiency.



Flexo Printing

GH printing's flexo press machine can offer high quality printing across a broad range of substrates, rotary screen head for laying down dramatic color or creating a tactile feel. Our advantages of Flexo printing techniques are:

● Eight colors

● Flexographic printing

● Varnishing

● Cold stamping

● Die cutting

● Full colors

● Homogeneous ink


Offset Printing 

One of our offset printing machines, the ZX-320 offset printing machine is configured with the latest German servo control system Rexroth Bosch and operation system, ensuring the stability of printing materials in printing process. It supports intermittent label feeding mode. There is no need to change the printing roller at all. Thus, this product offers easy, convenient and quick printing.

  • Three- seven colors

  • Flexographic printing

  • Varnishing

  • Cold stamping

  • Die cutting

  • Adhesive printing

  • Four colors UV ink

  • Laminating


Digital Printing

The HP Indigo press WS 4500 offers a complete end-to-end solution, from pre-press to finishing. 

The advantages of HP Indigo WS 4500

--  Eliminate the expense of films, plates or chemistry;

--  Generate little or no waste;

--  Significantly less set-up time than conventional printing, ideal for short run promotional items;

--  Offers complete variable data--ability to print different images or text on every label;

--  Cost effective and fast.


Coating Machine

  • Application: For POS paper, cash receipt &ticket paper coating.

  • Suitable material: Soft raw material such as plastic film, paper, laminating film etc.

  • Coating width: 1650 mm

  • Coating speed: 60 ~ 100 m/min( According to the material) 

  • Coating method: Air knife coating

  • Heat medium: Saturated vapor

  • Drying methods: Hot air circulation drying + cylinder finishing


Process of Finishing & Quality Control

With 30 years of experience, GH printing has refined, automated, and optimized the finishing process. We have developed a highly specialized finishing & QC process, which can guarantee the quality of our print label products.


AVT Inspection Machine

AVT delivers a range of best inspection technology for the packaging market. AVT's comprehensive process control and quality solution support virtually any type of printed webs on any substrate and any packaging application. AVT delivers a market-leading quality assurance and process control 100% inspection system developed exclusively for the packaging market.


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