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Food And Dairy In-Mold Label (IML)

Brand : GH Printing

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 to 15 working days lead time after written approval of printing sample.

Supply capacity : 16 Press Printing Machines

Professional Knowledge in In Mould Label (IML)

The term "in-mould label" is from the technique where a pre-printed label is placed in a mould and becomes one with the packaging during injection moulding. The technique is used all over the world nowadays for blow moulded bottles as well as injection moulded and thermoforming containers. A pre-printed label is inserted directly into the mould during the injection process, and the molten plastic is then injected in. After the plastic has cooled, the label becomes part of the containers makeup and is permanently bonded onto the background. IML label will continue to grow as the demand for better looking and more impressive labeling is demanded in order to ensure the massage reaches the customers.


With 30 years of experience, GH printing has a team of professional knowledge and skills in the in mould label products and solutions. Advanced German made printing machines guarantee our IML label a high-resolution image.

The advantage of GH printing IML label:

--  First class label with most affordable price.

--  Labels are printed in German made VSOP offset printing machine to ensure photo quality printing (high resolution printing)

--  Option to add variable data such as bar codes, scan cods, names etc. Every copy can be unique.

--  Available in different finishes - high gloss, matt or metallic. Different tactile -orange peel or smooth textures. Different material brands - YUPO, Polyart synthetic Paper etc.

--  IML label can be decorated anywhere of the bottle - top, bottom, inside and out, virtually any size or any shape.

--  All labels are individually rotary punched, which mean they are dimensionally stable from the first one to the last one.

--  Environmental friendly. Made from PP making the whole container recyclable. No post labelling step necessary.

IML label Manufacturing Process:

--  Artwork file delivery;

--  Confirm printing sample with written approval;

--  Printing of IML films;The width of the material can vary from 250mm to 520mm;

--  Quality Control: AVT machine for print inspection, process control, quality assurance and color control;

--  Rotary Die-cutting;

--  Stacking & Packing.

vsop machine.jpeg

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